Saturday, November 21, 2009

and this was supposed to help?

I am probably really going to regret posting this...

I've been feeling rather discouraged lately. You know those days where you feel there is nothing you are doing that is going well? You know that is must be an exaggeration (it can't really be NOTHING), but you try and try and still can't think of anything?

So...I come across this article online "God cares for the the caregiver". Wow! Just what I need to get me back on track.

Here's what I learned:

I am to...

-do my best and leave the rest (okay, let me make sure I'm really doing my best here; could be doing better, but leaving the rest would be good)

-count my blessings (good point; know I need to be more thankful)

-honor my parents (okay, can definitely do better here - I've been more than a little impatient, inconsiderate)

-accept help (sure - just need to remember to make some calls to ask for help)

-set and enforce boundaries (sounds good; I'll try to think about this really soon and figure out what it means)

-check in from long distance (yes! I can cross this off my list - since mom lives with me, I can check in 24/7 from a very short distance)

-set up a primary caregiver's notebook (good point. Let me find all the information I've collected on mom's insurance, bank account, personal records, medical information, prescriptions, legal documents; then I'll get these instructions on what should be in a "primary caregiver's notebook; shouldn't take too much time)

-discuss different topics effectively (yep - need to communicate better, too)

-be informed (yes...never can have enough information, that's for sure. Since my understanding is less than optimal, I should do more research, seek more information and advice)

-help your parents get around (don't forget this one!)

-keep them active and engaged (I already know that I'm supposed to do this; does anyone have any actual, viable suggestions?)

-be flexible (good point; I struggle with letting other things get in the way of flexibility - like my job, teacher conferences, after school activities, nothing too important)

-choose the best living situation for them (this is always an easy one to feel good's only one of the biggest decisions you make for them - especially when each option is less than optimal!)

-deal with their cognitive decline well (sounds easy; key work here "well")

-deal with your grief well (ditto)

Wow! Did I tell you how encouraged I feel after reading this?

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