Monday, January 11, 2010

6 weeks since my last entry....

Wow! It's been a long time since I last wrote in my blog. Naturally, there are several reasons for this. First, after feeling rather discouraged (see the previous blog, better yet, ignore the previous entry), I thought it might be beneficial if I didn't focus so much on being a caregiver (I was careening out of control...going down hill fast!) Second, and more significant, is that a very special friend of ours was very ill. Martin was one of my son's best friends, and his family is like family to us. Martin fought a valiant battle with cancer for 2 years and passed away in December. Rather than blogging (or more accurately, ruminating about my problems) time was much better spent with Martin and his family. The memories from those weeks are treasures in my heart.

So after this brief hiatus, I've made some new goals. With it being a new year, this seemed appropriate. Here goes:

(1) Blog drafts. No, this is not a description of windy effects from too much blogging. I'm referring to all the ideas started, but sadly, unfinished, of topics for my blog. I'm going to finish these!

(2) Blog frequency. And no, this is not referring to radioactivity or other such silliness. I'm going to post entries to my blog more often! You will no longer have to suffer from the anxiety of waiting so long for The Accidental Caregiver updates! Amidst the shouts of joy I can hear now from my reading audience, I must point out that I can fulfill this goal simply by writing more frequently than every 6 weeks, but hey!

And the true reason for these goals you ask? Why,how can I expect to get that book and movie deal with only 5 entries??!

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  1. Good! :) I think it's good for you to be able to write more. I'm reading!
    Love you!