Sunday, April 24, 2011

and I'm grateful for...

Today is Easter... a time for reflection and gratitude. So I want to take some time today to share thoughts of gratitude at how I've seen God work in our lives the past few months. Just seeing God work in his amazing way has put me, personally and emotionally, in a much better place. (to which my husband says a hearty "amen"!)

First of all, God has always called us to be faithful and trust him. That is certainly not a new teaching (I've known this for decades!); but why then do I act as if it is? I agonized, literally, over the decision to move Mom into an assisted living facility. And God, in his great power, could certainly have made the whole thing a lot easier for me if he would've simply sent a lightening bolt (or any other such obvious means) telling me what to do. I would've gladly listened, and I gave God many opportunities to do this, too, but he never did. So we were stuck having to make the best decision we could. Can you believe it??? Well, I may not have been given the lightening bolt, but God provided in other ways: faithful counsel from friends who love us, knowledge and insight from professionals, wisdom shared by those who have walked this path before, and most importantly prayer, scriptures and God's spirit living within me. The result: Mom is in a great place (better, to be honest) and my faith has leapfrogged!

Second, God is much more creative than I! Way too often, I have limited God by my own thinking. My biggest concern in Mom not living with us was her vulnerability. Simply put, I was afraid for her, that someone would hurt her or take advantage of her. But I also knew that her needs were increasing and my abilities were not. I felt so torn! But God, in his amazing way, provided a house where mom can live...(get this!) about a mile from our home, with people who are gentle and caring and can focus on her needs 24 hours a day, owned by a patient of Doug's that we've known for years. What has this produced? For Mom, she's really better off now! I can still be with her, take her to appointments, church and take her out. For me, I am eagerly striving to listen to my creative God more - which is much more fun and exciting than my old thinking!

Third, I realize that God's love is REALLY big! He doesn't meet the needs of one only to then neglect the needs of someone else. The God who created us all, who knows the very number of hairs on our head, can actually meet the needs of each of us - each of our loved ones - simultaneously! Wow!

I stand amazed.


  1. Awesome and thought provoking post. Thank you for this. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. P.S. LOVE your blog's wallpaper!

  2. What a great blog. I love your vulnerability.
    Thank you for sharing how God is working in your life.